What Is A Signal Booster?

Mobile signal boosters from Improve My Signal & HiBoost are a smart device used to enhance poor mobile phone signal. They’re compact, elegant and light and are extremely easy to install and use. The system is efficient for any area from a small apartment to a business centre spread over multiple floors. HiBoost signal boosters also support all major network standards, such as GSM, DCS, 3G, 4G, etc.

Mobile boosters work as part of a system with indoor and outdoor antennas connected by cables. Each model comes as a ready-to-use kit with all these accessories included as standard.

How A Mobile Signal Booster Works

The outdoor antenna picks up a weak mobile signal from the base cell tower and sends it to the mobile signal booster via a cable. As soon as the booster receives the signal, it amplifies it and transmits an enhanced signal to the indoor antenna via another cable.

Thanks to the indoor antenna the amplified signal is spread among all mobile phones in the zone. The booster allows simultaneous use of up to 220 mobile phones within one area.

Mobile signal boosters work in full-duplex mode, meaning you will remain connected when entering and leaving your building.

Talk to a Signal Boosting Expert

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